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Monday, July 27, 2009

Possible Surgery on Wednesday

Had another appt in Miami today, didn't go as well as I had hoped.
The good news is, the cardiologist looked at the echocardiogram of the heart and told the ultrasound tech that he does not consider it to be hypoplastic left heart syndrome! The ultrasound tech told us last week that she didn't think it was either, but it really helps that the cardiologist agrees. There still is a problem with the heart, but they don't think its so severe to label it "hypoplastic".
The bad news is that the kidneys have gotten worse and the amniotic fluid is very low. The right kidney "ruptured" because it was so full. This causes all of the urine in it to be released into the abdominal cavity. But the Dr said that after kidneys rupture, they regenerate and then are usually the better of the 2 kidneys. The left kidney looked fine last ultrasound but is now starting to fill with fluid.
The dr decided that it was time to intervene and do surgery, but first he needs to see there's still some kidney function. To do this, its like an amniocentesis procedure. They stick a needle in my abdomen, through the placenta to go through the baby's bladder and remove urine to be tested. They did this today and we will get the results back tmrw. If there is kidney function, then we will proceed with surgery on Wednesday to place a shunt to continually drain the bladder. If there isn't any kidney function then they will take another sample on Wednesday and if that comes back good then we will have surgery Friday or Monday. If there still isn't any kidney function then there isn't anymore that they can do for us because that means that the kidneys have stopped working completely.
Please continue to pray for my baby boy Adam!

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