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Monday, August 3, 2009

Surgery in the AM!!

Surgery is scheduled for tmrw!! Had an ultrasound today and the bladder looked to be full again, so there is a chance that there is at least one kidney working! The Dr is going to try to place a shunt in Adam's bladder and right kidney. About 50% of the time the shunts come out of the bladder and then the procedure has to be repeated. The Dr thinks that it is the right kidney that is functioning, surprisingly, this is the kidney that "burst" last week. With putting the shunt in the kidney, if the Dr has chosen the kidney that is functioning, there is less of a chance of that coming out and having to go through all of this again. If the Dr has chosen the kidney that is not functioning and the bladder shunt comes out, then we will have to have the surgery repeated.
Over the weekend, I was sure that I had no amniotic fluid left because I was hardly feeling any movement. While the fluid is still low, its not much lower than it was last Monday. This is such good news because that means that his lungs have still been able to develop over the past week.
Last week, Adam was in such a perfect position for surgery because he was head down and his left side was up. The Dr liked when he was like this because Adam is missing the left umbilical artery and if he can go into the bladder from the left side, then it really decreased the chances of hitting the artery and killing my baby! Well, sometime since last Wednesday, Adam decided to do a flip and is now breech with his right side up!! The ultrasound tech was pretty amazed that he was able to completely turn around with such little room due to the low amniotic fluid. Its just another hurdle that we're going to have to jump to have a successful surgery. Going to be spending the evening praying and trying to talk Adam into turning around. If by morning, he has not turned yet, then the Dr will try to manually turn him during the surgery.
We didn't mention anything about the complete echocardiogram results today because we didn't want to remind the Dr that there is something else wrong with our little boy and have him change his mind about the surgery.
Have to be at the hospital VERY early, will have Steve update tmrw after surgery! Please send all your prayers this way!!

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Nicole said...

My prayers are with you, steve, and Adam....