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Monday, August 10, 2009

Wonderful Appt today!!

Today was my first appt with the Dr since having surgery last Tuesday. We had an ultrasound and the shunt is still in place in the bladder!! The amniotic fluid is also much better than it had been. During the surgery the Dr had to add some fluid and he said that the fluid that I had today was not the fluid he added during surgery. If at least 1 of the kidneys weren't working, then the fluid would have been very low again! So that means, that as of right now, there is at least 1 kidney still working!!

The dr said that everything looks good right now, but "we haven't won the battle yet". The shunt could fall out, Adam could pull it out, there still might be severe kidney damage. But right now there is enough fluid to develop the lungs, which is the most important thing! He also said that he would like me to stay pregnant for at least 10 more weeks! Well, since I am only 23 weeks right now, I would hope I would be pregnant for like 16-17 more weeks at least. I guess with having the surgery it puts me at risk for preterm labor, so I probably won't be having a December baby, but possible a November or even October. He also said that the babies that have surgery on their bladders tend to be much larger than "normal" babies. Which is good, because if I do have Adam early then he will still be big enough to have surgery to fix the blockage in his bladder!

We also asked about the echocardiogram that we had done a couple weeks ago. He didn't go into details but said that the cardiologist said that it was "within normal limits". This is such good news, but I am going to be very cautious about believing it. I don't know anything about the cardiologist that read the echo. I will definitely get a 2nd opinion just to be sure. I don't want something to go wrong when Adam is born because of something that this cardiologist may have missed.

Right now, I don't have to make any more trips to Miami, I will just be seeing the Maternal Fetal Medicine Dr here and then eventually (hopefully sooner than later) going to have consults with another cardiologist and urologist (probably both in St.Petersburg) so we know what to be prepared for when Adam is born.

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