It's not about what God has done to me, but what he has done for Adam...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Update...I love my OB Dr!

Steve called this morning to try to set up an appt with my regular OB Dr to get his opinion on the situation. We didn't get an appt, but the Dr actually called and spoke with me himself. He seems to agree with us, that we can't just let Adam run out of fluid and die of cord compression. Right now, the fluid is low, but it is enough that we don't have to panic yet. He wants me to see him twice a week for non-stress tests. This is when they will hook me up to a monitor and watch for any contractions or any signs that Adam is in distress based on how his heart rate is going up and down. So, this is a start in the right direction and I will be reporting to him every week how the amniotic fluid is so that he will know when to intervene. I feel much better and can relax about the whole thing right now.

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